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SEIKYO INDOCHEM Textile chemical company is working with some of parties from Japan and based in Indonesia that made the company seikyo Indochem a high technology chemical manufacturer with resonably priced. products of Seikyo Indochem are the chemical for Sizing, Pretreatment, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing and general chemical product replacement.

Service: Seikyo Indochem not only sell but also to provide service, such as free trial with a warranty, visit customers with our technical advisor at least 1 times in a month, can help customers solve problems in the production.

Philosophy Seikyo Indochem:
¤ help customers reduce the outlay for production.
¤ help customers to produce better.
¤ help customer to improve productivity.

Quality: All goods that have been ordered will pass through our quality control standards so that our goods will be sent as same as sample quality.


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